lboxrentalsmallpicPrivate mailboxes are a wonderful asset to any business or person looking to have a safe place to have their mail delivered.

We have over 200 mailboxes and usually have one available for rent.

We have priced our mailboxes to be extremely competitive with other local stores.

A private mailbox is a great alternative to a PO Box because someone is here to accept your mail and packages and keep them safe and secure.

When you have a private mailbox, you also have a street address with a specific mailbox number.

This is essential to a home based business.

First, you don’t want your customers to have your home address and second, it is easier to keep personal and business mail separate.

Also, with the street address, you can have UPS and FedEx packages delivered here at no extra charge. Please review our pricing below:
1 month: $15
3 months: $42
6 months: $75
1 year: $147 (cheapest)

1 month: $25
3 months: $72
6 months: $132
1 year: $252

1 month: $35
3 months: $102
6 months: $195
1 year: $360

2 forms of ID needed to open a box as well as a $10 key deposit. No Set Up Fee!
Acceptable Photo IDs:
• Valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s identification card
• Armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporate identification card
• Passport, passport card, alien registration card, or certificate of naturalization
Acceptable Non-Photo IDs:
• Current lease, mortgage, or deed of trust
• Voter or vehicle registration card
• Home or vehicle insurance policy

In order to open a private mailbox, just come in with 2 of the above forms of identification. We will open the box right away and it will be usable the minute we finish the paperwork! We never charge a set-up fee for opening a mailbox and only require you pay 3 months up front and collect a $10 key deposit. That means you can open a private mailbox for as little as $50. If you would like more information on opening a mailbox, please contact us with any questions.